Financial Report of Unigroup Guoxin Micro 2018: Revenue up to 2.458 Billion Yuan, a Year-on-Year Rise of 34.41%, with Performance and Industrial Scale to a New High


Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. (SZ: 002049) is a core listed subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup as well as one of the largest listed Integrated circuit design companies in China. Recently, Unigroup Guoxin Micro released its financial report of the year 2018:

(I) Cohesion of Consensus on Development; Achievement to a New High

——Revenue:2.458 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 34.41%

——Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies:348 million yuan, with year-on-year growth of 24.33% 

——Total assets:5.726 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 9.97% 

——Annual security chip shipments:Over 1.5 billion units

——Distribution of revenue at home and abroad:75.07% at home, 24.93% abroad

(Ⅱ) Focus on Shareholder Return and Sharing of Value Growth

——Rate of Return on Common Stockholders’ Equity:9.56%

——Basic earnings per share:0.5734

——Profit Distribution Plan:0.58 yuan cash dividend per 10 shares

——Included in the first list of “New Fortune Best Listed Companies”.

——Won the title of “Top 100 Investors’ Most Respected Public Companies 2017”.

——Continuously improving company value for stable returns to investors and a creditable corporate image.

(Ⅲ) Focused Expansion in Key Industries; Strong Growth in Core Sectors

l  Smart Security Chip

——High market performance, significant year-on-year rise in sales revenue and continuous improvement of large-scale management ability

——Mass production of a number of new products with advanced technology and Further enhancement of comprehensive competitiveness.

——Further improvement of RF technology, secure algorithms and anti-attack technology of security chips.


l  Specifique Integrated Circuit Business

——Rapid increase of key accounts together with continuous expansion of new products and applications;

——Continuous advance in R&D programs, development of 43 new products and great progress in product competitiveness.

l  Memory Chip Business

——DRAM memory chips and memory modules have formed series of products. The customers in memory chip design include well-known semiconductor companies in America, Japan and Taiwan, China.


l  Semiconductor Power Device Business

——The development of high voltage SJ  MOSFET, medium or low voltage MOSFET products is progressing smoothly, leading to a complete range of products suitable for the market.


l  FPGABusiness

——By actively promoting the application and industrialization of the high-performance FPGA chips in Titan series and the cost-effective FPGA chips in Logos series, the communication and industrial control market will be exploited in an all-round way as large sales volume is achieved.


l  Crystal Business

——The sales of crystal components reached 280 million pieces, of which 70% are exported to customers all over the world.


(Ⅳ) Seizing Market Opportunities and Developing New Business

——Unigroup Guoxin Micro has established a joint laboratory of security under the strategic cooperation with the 360 Group. The " Secure Brain of Automobile" created thereby was presented at China International Software Expo.

——The company has entered into multi-dimensional cooperation with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom’s IoT Company, Alibaba and so on.

——The company won an exclusive bid for China Mobile’s IoT eSIM.

——The company’s security chip was the first to pass the China Unicom’s management platform testing and obtained the ID² INSIDE trademark authorization from Alibaba Cloud.

——The company also took the lead in formulating the information security part of the Standards for Electronic Intelligent Door Locks.

(V) Persisting in Developing Innovative Technology and Keeping the Leading Advantage of Products

——Continuously promoting the innovation of standards and patents, Unigroup Guoxin Micro has won a number of heavyweight awards. It has obtained 117 intellectual property rights, including invention patents, utility model patents and so on, of which 81 are invention patents. The company’s financial IC card chip has received the SOGIS CC EAL 5 + security certification.

——The standards for the radio frequency interface of mobile payment where the company took part in the formulation won the first prize of "China Standard Innovation Contribution Award", the top award for standardization in China.

——The high-performance biometrics security chip won the "Innovation Product Award" and "Information Security Award" in the "Golden Ant Award of the National Golden Card Project.