TMC’s New-Generation Security Chip Continuously Achieved Internationally Authoritative Certification


On October 30, Mr. Ge Yuanqing, Chairman of Tongxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (TMC), received the SOGIS CC EAL5+ International Security Certification at the grand opening of the Award Ceremony of ICCC Security Certifications held in Amsterdam, Netherland. The CC EAL5+ certification of the chip is entrusted to a world-renowned security evaluation laboratory and is recognized by SOGIS, a senior official organization in the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA). TMC, therefore, became the first Chinese chip manufacturer to achieve CC certification with EAL5+ security assurance and SOGIS recognition and this marks yet another breakthrough for TMC following the qualification for the CC EAL5+ certification received in 2016.

This new-generation security chip independently designed and developed by TMC has the world's highest level of security assurance. It uses algorithms that comply with international standards and is certified by the Office of State Commercial Cryptography Administration (OSCCA) of China. It has also achieved UnionPay chip security certification, ISCCC EAL4+ certification and more.


This product is a dual-interface security chip built on cutting-edge technologies in the financial field. It features excellent RF performance and working distance, various communication interfaces, ultra-low power consumption, large capacity, fast working and transaction speed, outperforming its peers in all metrics and has been shipped in quantity to major banks at home and abroad for use in financial payment, transportation, social security, identification, IoT and many other applications.


As a core subsidiary of Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd., TMC has been advancing the iteration and upgrade of IC technology with an innovative spirit and is the forerunner to take Chinese security chips to the international market. Both generations of its security chips have led the way in international CC security certification and made history by achieving security certification levels that no other Chinese chips had reached before. Upholding Guoxin Micro's vision of “To lead the security chip industry” and taking advantage of its own technical edge, TMC is committed to powering the development of China's IC industry into a world leader.


About SOGIS:

SOGIS (Senior Officials Group Information Systems Security) is the senior official organization among CCRA members. 

SOGIS is mainly responsible for the standardization of CC protection profiles and certification policies. Its technical documentation covers areas including technical requirements for security algorithms, attack method and site security. Compared with traditional CC certifications, SOGIS certifications are more authoritative as SOGIS has more stringent security requirements for specific application areas.The evaluation works is performed in a more detailed manner. The evaluation periods takes longer and the assurance level is higher.